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Venus Freeze treated the contestants for America's Next Top Model.

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Michael Ventrella - Winner of NBC's Hit Show: The Biggest Loser Season 9

"Hi, I’m Michael Ventrella winner of NBC’s hit show: The Biggest Loser Season 9. Since I lost my 264 lbs in 2010 I have been on a endless pursuit to find a way to tighten/ firm my loose skin without evasive surgery taking me out of work for weeks at a time. I was referred to Ameri-Laser by a relative who said they might be able to help. I did my research and based on their cutting edge technology and therapies I was a fool not to try it out. I was blown away. I do not stand behind anything I personally don’t believe in and just after one session I saw results. I’m so eager to spread the news on my new discovery. Ameri-Laser is helping me repair my body into the shape my hard work has amounted to, I’m sure they can help you to."

Lisa Marie Varon - WWE Pro Wrestler

"My name is Lisa Marie Varon. I have spent the last 12 years as a Pro Wrestler with both WWE and Spike TV's Impact Wrestling. As a 40 year old woman who appears weekly on national TV in High Definition wearing limited attire and competing with women half my age, I am so fortunate to have found Amerilaser. I recently began my skin rejuvenation treatments at amerilaser center. I’m already seeing an improvement with just a few treatments. I can’t wait to see the results when the treatments are completed. The staff is outstanding, always accommodating my hectic schedule and keeping me informed of the latest available technologies to help me keep in shape. It’s great to have everything from lasers to products all in one place, with a professional staff to guide me along the way."

Jessica Cirio - Argentine Model and TV Show Host

We are proud to announce that Jessice Ciriom an Argentine Model and TV --Show Host says "The active life I lead and the demands of my profession require the best technology in the world to care for my body. That is where Venus Freeze comes in. It is by far the best technology for body shaping. I wouldn’t settle for less." - Jessica Cirio

Celebrity Testimonials

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