Laser Aesthetic Services:

Pain Free Laser Hair Removal

A revolution is underway for permanent body hair reduction that is virtually painless. The Pain-Free Laser is the next generation laser hair removal treatment that can now free you from daily shaving, painful plucking and expensive waxing to give you silky smooth and beautifully bare skin. It's an effective and permanent hair reduction solution that is simple and easy. It takes cutting-edge medical laser technology and combines it with the comfort and convenience the Amerilaser Center can provide. In fact, Pain-Free Laser Hair Removal uses new breakthrough technology that has been described as one of the most comfortable an effective laser hair removal options available.


AmeriLaser Center carries the newest and safest laser hair removal technology.
Pain-Free, Hair Free is a state-of-the-art procedure designed to remove unwanted hair faster, more comfortably, and with fewer visits then ever before! Technologies used include:

GOLD STANDARD 810 Nanometer Laser Diode: Energy is penetrated deep into the dermis
where the hair follicle is located, delivering high power and a rapid 10 pulse-per-second
repetition rate.

IN-MOTION Technology Removes Pain: Since increasing temperature of the hair follicle containing the cells responsible for hair regrowth is necessary, constantly moving the hand piece during treatment allows for uniformity in treatment, ensuring client comfort.

DUALCHILL: Cooling for this treatment comes from the sapphire DualChill tip. This makes it even more comfortable, eliminating the need for the use of any pain medication and helps preserve the epidermis of any skin type.

I Lipo™

Independent clincal studies have shown Lipo to be, in some cases, comparable to results achieved by liposuction. Ultrasound imagery shows up to 30% reduction in the fat layer depth after just one treatment. Additional treatments improve results further. Results can be seen immediately after each treatment as the fat cell contents are released. Light exercise post treatment can accelerate the removal of the released fat

I-Lipo has won “Best Slimming treatment” award at “Les Victoires de la beauté” and recently granted clearance by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the USA.


Cellulite Reduction

(MP)2 technology generates a magnetic field that induces the release of growth factors required for the proliferation of dermal fibroblast, as well as for the sprouting of new blood vessels. In addition, the RF component increases collagen and elastin synthesis through controlled thermal damage mechanism, and triggers enzyme mediated lipolysis. These effects lead to decreased subcutaneous fat mass, improved blood circulation and stabilization of collagen strands, resulting in cellulite reduction.

Body Shaping

Before: the skin appears lax, swollen and dimpled Bipolar Superficial dermal heating releases the collagen bonds and unwinds the collagen bundles. Fibroblas are released to the surrounding area stimulating the growth of new collagen. this results in a thickening of the dermal layer and improvement in skin's laxity and surface texture. After: The skin appears smoother and tighter.

Wrinkle Reduction

What causes wrinkles?

Wrinkles are usually associated with aging which brings about multiple biological changes in the skin layers dermis, and epidermis, increased collagen fragmentation, decline in the number of dermal fibroblasts that produce collagen, and reduced dermal circulation lessen the skin's elasticity and cause the formation of wrinkles. A potent treatment will promote the production of collagen and elastic fibers and improve blood flow, and thus restore elasticity and revitalize the skin.

Our solution
(MP)2, brought to you by Venus Concept, is an advanced technology for non-invasive treatments with proven clinical results. This patented technology combines multi polar radio frequency (RF) with magnetic pulses that work in synergy to effectively diminish wrinkles and improve skin texture.

How it works
Two mechanisms work synergistically to reverse the biological processes responsible for wrinkles. The magnetic pulse component of (MP)2 induces the release of growth factors required for the sprouting of new blood vessels, as well as for proliferation of dermal fibroblast. Concurrently, the RF component induces collagen and elastin synthesis by creating controlled damage and triggering the skin s healing process. The result is a more vital,toned and healthy-looking skin with improved elasticity/texture; you deserve the best.


Which body parts can be treated?
- Neck
- Upper Lip
- Hands
- Forehead Lines
- Frown Lines
- Crow's Feet
- Nasal Labial Folds

How long does the treatment last?
It varies from individual to individual, depending on factors such as: the condition of your skin.
We recommend 6-8 treatments for optimal results; this, on average, will last for two years.

What precautions do I have to take after the treatment?
Our consultant will provide a list of 'do's and 'do not's depending on the condition of your skin during your consultation.

Why choose Venus Freeze Technology?
- It gives three times the results of any other wrinkle reduction technology
- It is approved for wrinkle reduction and rhytides
- It gives results after the first treatment
- Safe and painless
- No down-time

Skin Resurfacing [Pixel]

Resurfacing your skin !!! It's an exciting new aesthetic laser treatment that combines three revolutionary technologies to deliver softer, younger-looking skin. The skin resurfacing treatment reveals brighter, younger and healthier-looking skin, from inside out. It treats fine lines, wrinkles, and discolorations from deep within the skin to give you a lasting new, revitalized look. If you're not ready for a facelift, but you're no longer satisfied with the results of topical creams and lotions, laser skin resurfacing is for you. Laser skin resurfacing will improve your skin's color, texture, and tone. Amerilaser Center will combine three different technologies into a treatment plan that is customized exclusively for you, for you are special.

Skin Rejuvenation [FotoFacial]

Laser treatments for wrinkles, rosacea & more As the our a generation continues to age, the popularity of aesthetic procedures that aim to turn back the clock continues to skyrocket. Brown spots, broken capillaries, and others are easy targets for laser systems that use broadband light to repair these defects through a process called photorejuvenation. Using relatively low-energy, short-pulse broadband light, imperfections such as erythema of rosacea, age spots, and other discolored signs of photo-aging can be gently heated and eliminated, replacing it with younger looking skin. In fact, laser skin treatments for wrinkles and other signs of aging can be done in a quick 20 minute procedure. No one will notice any sign of treatment, except for a gradual improvement in the skin's appearance.

Skin Tightening

Skin Tightening Laser is for anyone who would like to revitalize their look without invasive procedures or injections. You no longer have to accept fine lines and wrinkles or skin discoloration as an inevitable part of the aging process. If you're not ready for a facelift, but you're no longer satisfied with the results of topical creams and lotions, try skin tightening. The treatments are safe, comfortable, and effective without surgery or downtime.

It can be used on any skin type, and you are free to return to normal activities immediately after each session. This treatment specially designed for the delicate skin on the face, neck, and chest. It firms up loose skin around all of these areas:
• Forehead
• Cheeks
• Chest
• Chin

• Around the Mouth
• Under the Eyes
• Neck
• Upper lip

• Upper Arm
• Upper Abdomen
• Lower Abdomen
• Upper Inner Thigh
• Upper Back thigh


Laser 360

Rejuvenate your skin with Laser360™. It's an exciting new aesthetic laser treatment that combines three revolutionary technologies to deliver softer, younger-looking skin in just 60 days. The Laser360 skin resurfacing and rejuvenation treatment reveals brighter, younger and healthier-looking skin, from the inside out. It treats fine lines, wrinkles and discolorations from deep within the skin to give you a lasting new, revitalized look.


Laser360 uses three technologies to provide complete skin rejuvenation:

AFT intense pulsed light for color
Pulses of light even out your skin color and reduce tiny broken blood vessels and other color irregularities.

Near-infrared for tightness

Deep heating helps firms up any loose skin so you regain a more youthful, contoured appearance.

Pixel® for texture and tone
This precision laser creates thousands of microscopic perforations, which stimulate new collagen to grow. The new collagen improves your skin's texture and tone to smooth fine lines and wrinkles. The skin around each of these perforations remains intact, which allows the skin's top layer to heal from the edge of these tiny holes very rapidly. Each technology is delivered through a simple handpiece that is placed against your skin. The treated area will gradually rejuvenate over the course of your customized treatment plan.




What is Anti-Aging?

Anti-Aging refers to slowing, preventing, or reversing the aging process. Venus Freeze (MP2) Technology helps reduce the appearance of aging without any pain or trauma of surgery.

Can you have Anti-Aging without surgery?

Yes, you can have anti-aging treatments without surgery with our new Venus Freeze (MP2) technology.
TRULY NON-INVASIVE! No cutting, abrasing or clipping of your skin.

Whom Will Anti-Aging Treatments Affect The Most?

People with loose, saggy or lax skin in the mid-face, cheeks, jawline, neck and brows.

Why Choose Venus Freeze Technology?

- Clinically Proven
- Affordable Treatment
- Safe and Pain Free
- No Down Time
- Immediate Results with No Pair
- 3 Times Better Results Then Any Other Technology
- Improves Blood Circulation



Micro Injection

Ameri Laser Center has a team of Doctors on staff to administer Botox and Fillers.

  • Botox®

    Botox® Cosmetic is a purified protein produced by the Clostridium botulinum bacterium. It reduces the movement of the muscles that cause frown lines and wrinkles between the eyes and on the forehead. Botox® is simple, and the most often used non-invasive procedure. It can be done during a lunch you can reduce the signs of aging with a quick, 20-minute procedure, and no one will notice any sign of treatment. Botox® was approved by the Food and Drug Administration in the 1980's and has become increasingly popular.

  • Juvederm

    JUVEDERM is one of the newest generation, procedure known as "dermal fillers" or "injectable fillers." Because more patients want quick procedures that show almost immediate results with little, or no, downtime, Juvederm has become extremely popular with consumers that the procedure is frequently used in Amerilaser Center. Made of a natural substance known as hyaluronic acid, Juvederm is FDA approved and, like Restylane and Botox®, is one of the fastest growing non-surgical aesthetic procedures in the United States.


  • Radiesse

    RADIESSE® Wrinkle-Filler is injected into the skin. Injection of the product provides an immediate one-to-one correction of the face wrinkle. The amount of filling or augmentation can be easily placed and controlled for better results. There is no skin sensitivity testing or reconstitution required. Over time, the gel is absorbed, and fibroblasts appear. Then the process of neo-collagenesis begins, stimulating the gradual growth of the patient's own collagen. The collagen that forms results in extended correction times and increased patient satisfaction. The cosmetic results are soft and natural-looking, and feel like the patient's own tissue. The results are long-lasting, but not permanent. The CaHA microspheres naturally degrade to calcium and phosphate ions, which are metabolized by the body's normal processes.


Microdermabrasion treatments are a nonsurgical way to rejuvenate skin located on the face. Regardless of gender, this lunchtime facial is a perfect way to freshen up.

Microdermabrasion removes the top layer of the sun-damaged skin as well as the dead skin cells. The result is a healthier, younger looking face.

Microdermabrasion provides numerable benefits without the need for a recovery period. The microdermabrasion treatment is done in several sessions. During these sessions, the skin will be treated for sun spots, wrinkles, and enlarged pores. The skin will become rejuvenated due to stimulation of the skin to produce new skin cells. The Diamond Tip technique exfoliates the skin while remaining harmless and painless. This treatment removes wrinkles caused by UV rays. Microdermabrasion cleanses Acne, which is caused by clogged pores, and tightens enlarged pores. This results in cleaner, smoother skin. Microdermabrasion improves the look of acne scars resulting in a beautiful complexion.

PCA Peels

Chemical peels treat a number of skin conditions, including aging skin, fine lines, hyperpigmentation, and dull skin. Chemical peels exfoliate the dead skin cells, which allows for newer and healthier skin to regenerate.

Chemical peels reach to different layers of the skin. Depth of the peel is determined by three factors: acidity (pH), strength of the peel, and the length of time it stays on the skin. Lighter chemical peels exfoliate the outermost layer of the skin, called the epidermis (very superficial); moderate and deep peels go down to the dermis, which is more rigorous, but can cause more discomfort and more healing time.

Chemical peels exfoliate the layers of the skin depending upon the damage caused to your skin and gives you a smoother and softer skin, with unclogged pores. These peels are mostly done in a series of four to six treatments a week apart, depending upon the condition of your skin damage.

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